The Wedding and the Aftermath

Before the wedding I saw
All our problems:
Backtracking through
Years of discontent.

Soon my tie will be
Held in place;
Over, under, over, under and through;
Every fold
Securely where it belongs.

Flowers form aisles where
Outlandish bridesmaids
Raise their heads to attention.

Silly little girls, clothed in
Asymmetrical pink dresses,
Lead the procession.
Eventually the ceremony begins

Noise erupts from an organ:
Estuary for the joining of our
Restlessly we walk in time.

When do lives begin?
Of all the years in
Remembrance, this one
Needed to be the best


My Home

How can I be
out of my mind
when I live
inside my head?

I'd rather be
in a suitcase
or a shell

or a closet.
Anywhere but
here because I'm
and make a

lousy neighbor.