Music of the Spheres

Circles of crystal
on a small, round table.
Her eyes are imperfect:
draped in lid and lash.

The waiter orbits,
brings another bottle.

Nearly two oceans between them;
She traces music,
anxiously filling
the absence of conversation.

He does the same
and for a moment
their sounds intertwine,

growing higher and higher
till the evening ends
and they find their way
to the heavens.

I, I, I, I

I rode the bus
and considered killing myself.

An isle of icicles;
an intimidating front.


In a Time Capsule

Dear Future,
Did global warming
kill us all?
Did our president
do better than
our last president?
But more importantly,
where am I
in all of this?

I'm certain
my time machine
is completed
and, if you would,
please hand this
letter to me.

Dear Jay,
The time machine
was a wonderful idea
on paper.


Gin Blossoms

Corks pop
and flowers bloom,
flail wildly
to the top 40.
Hours pass.

In he end
we are drenched
in a sense of family
but we'll be sober
in the morning


The sky outside shies
away from darker tones;
An old world groan
stalks our sultry streets,
greeting dim, red light
with non-committal white noise.



I'd like to think
I come from
the oldschool ghetto.

Stack O' Blox

Did you hear about Stack O' Blox?
Its the new housing toy
with realistic furniture
and modern accents.

You can buy little people
from China
and house them.
They will work for you,
building stuff from other Stack O' Blox,
(sold separately)
and also fight pretend wars
with your other toys.

There is a Stack O' Blox hospital
that you can buy
with tiny doctors;
they have the cutest stethoscopes

and an x-ray machine
that give you radiation poisoning
if you try and eat it;
so don't.

You can even build a town hall
and hold meetings where you bang
the biggest gavel they have ever seen

and say things like,
"It's time for recess"
and, "I find you guilty of murder"


Hotline for Military Personnel (Flarf Pantoum)

Welcome to Dial a Stranger,
Your wish is literally my command:
Third-person singular simple present danger.
Is Twitter's time at hand?

At the president's address
He says the nation will face
Experts in excess.
(Regarding the issue of race)

He says the nation will face
Third-person singular simple present danger.
Regarding the issue of race,
Welcome to Dial a Stranger.