The Youth

I saw the youth beaming,
long-haired, their pants painted on,
quoting "You've Got Mail"
and listening to CDs on a boom box
ironically. What treasures will they find
relevant, running full-circle
from bad to good? Out imperfections
unintentional ornament, cheaply manufactured
and unavailable for retail sale.

When Ice-T came on the radio,
from his Gangster Spring,
spitting rhymes about the streets,
thugging, bitches, dealing, chains,
they thought of Law and Order
and wondered what it means.



Look at those flippers!

You know what they say
about guys with big feet?

They have big shoes hahahahaha

Good Lord your feet are huge.

So is my cock, but that
is purely coincidental.

I would give anything for half
of one of those.

I looked down and he had no legs.



The blacksmith
has a mustache
ill-proportioned to his face.
His bike is made of old horse shoes.

Lately, he has disturbed the ambiance
by referencing pop culture
apologetically and with the utmost seriousness.

Stay in character
they tell him.