The Modern Prometheus, generally known as Frankenstein (flarf sestina)

Welcome to the new Monster:
Use this to find out if famous people are dead or alive,
Quick updates on the status of Zombie Master,
Start your own mob,
Learn about the basics of electricity,
And research reports that may be of interest to the fire.

Become a Jr. Fire-
Handmade-one-of-a-kind monster
And discover which types of objects conduct electricity;
Experience the joy in living life alive
That is beginning to make smart mobs
Explore the masters.

Creator of animation: Master
Marshal's Office Mission "is the protection of life and property from fire-
-Ing a lower lvl mob,”
But many played down the latest breach because the Monster,
Of mission “Alive”,
Is called the father of modern electricity.

Today, more than half of the electricity
Is one of the largest resources for Master;
Whether you stay alive
To advance technologies in fire
And investigate the truth of the Monster,
Or become the most insignificant member of the mob.

The only way you would become one of the mob
Would simply require more electricity;
And what a monster
The Iowa State University Master
Has been using and managing with fire,
“So far stayin' alive”.

Please help keep a child alive
And start your own mob;
Watch the results as the fire
Can be renewable or non-renewable, but electricity
Contains the latest data and information about Master's
Favorite moments of past monsters.

An irate mob attacked electricity:
Monster + Master,
“I'm alive and on fire”.


King Blake's Mistake

There once was a king named Blake.
He had one wish to take.
When asked by his maker
he said, "maybe later"
and all that he touched was half-baked.


We are Caterpillars

We shed our fur,
but, clutch the urge,

emotions stir
into a dirge.

Cocoons mature,
we don't emerge.