Caught in the continuous loop
of a doo-wop tune,
"Shoop, shoop, shoop..."


A Man of Such Exquisite Emptiness is Ground for Fine Flowers

A man who long since
emptied out the contents
of his cavity
noticed a cable hanging
from his midsection
and traced it back,
hand over hand, to his core
where he found an antique engine
running, burning blood,
black as_______,
that leaked brown smoke,
dripped from his chest
forming a lake
on the ground.
He tore it out.

and now his lack is intricate.
It doesn't_________, it
won't_________, it

when he steps, a hollow drone,
as if the nothing in him grows
or a something made him home.


I Love You Like

When we were picturesque,
and the paint was fresh,
you traced the lines running to
and from my heart.

I lost all consciousness,
traveled without rest
as if I never knew
how to depart,

but if I must digress,
using my own brush,
I'll say the greatest truth
to you with art.


Drunk As A Poet On Payday

Though the day may never come.
I run.
I run.


Our Town Turned Into A Prison

It was shortly after we finished the mini mall
we were declared a town you could enter,
but not leave.

That was okay.
We all had jobs,
but there was crime-
imagine that. There was crime

so on our city square
we built a cage
and as we grew
so did our center

until we began to worry
it would engulf us.


Our Prison Turned Into A Town

An ice cream truck
to keep the children happy,

then a carnival because
the winter months get so depressing.

Our town hall was constructed
as a formality; an assertion

of authority as well as some
comfort for the guards.

We already had
a laundromat,
a cafeteria,
a gym and
health and
dental care.

Everything else was just luxury.