L'esprit de l'escalier (The Spirit of the Staircase)

She said
he said,
"It takes two to tango".

Steps away
from her father.

Couldn't he make
like that Billy Idol song
and go fuck himself?

She showed me her teeth,
her stained heart,
her slender arms and legs,
blossoming in color;
bones hollowed for flight,
but I didn't touch her.

I'm all too aware I'm not the sun.
I have a halogen soul
good only to tide over till growth.

The last time I saw her
she was expecting. The time
before that, on my doorstep
with a friend asking me
to buy them cigarettes
and I told them that
was for someone else.

I wondered
if she wondered
if I loved her.

I wonder
if she wonders
now that we're strangers.